Google Wallet coming soon?


What’s next from Google? Google Wallet?, the much awaited PayPal killer. There is the same 404 error on the Google Wallet page as we saw in Google Talk! (Of course this could be one big load of c..p)Good work, Google Rumors. eBay flew under the Google radar long enough!



Rumors or whatever, can you retract this post? A redirect from a subdomain ( to, then 404 error) is the kind of value add we are really looking for from you.

We could call this a 4944 error.

Om Malik

that may be true, but this google wallet thing has been floating around for a while now, and well, this is yet another installment of the google related rumors doing the rounds.


I think that 404 error will appear with whatever. try

What happened with Google Talk is that when you typed you got redirected to the 404 page. which is not happening if you type

That doesn’t mean they’re not close to getting out that service though, anything’s possible.


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