Fashion 360 Showcases Lifeblog

AninaNokia is promoting its LifeBlog software through the 360 degrees of Fashion project, or on WAP( The eight participants were given a weblog (Typepad solution from Six Apart) and a Nokia telephone equipped with the Nokia Lifeblog software with the idea that they will showcase the concept…the 8 are from the fasion industry and represent “each ‘spoke’ in the ‘wheel’ of fashion (model, agency, designer, journalist, photographer, scout, artist and magazine)”. It’s a pretty good industry to pick, actually, considering that — pretty much by definition — people who are successful in the industry have a good sense of style, and many of them travel enough to keep the blogs interesting.
The project began at the initiation of Anina, the model involved (pictured). “I approached nokia for sponsorship in November for my first art exhibition for my own use (,” Anina told Moconews. “I quickly realized what a powerful tool it was for the fashion industry. They gave me a phone and a blog account for one year. I created 360fashion concept to show to the fashion industry, who are the last to embrace the blog technology largely due to technophobia, how technology could help them have a digital presence and do pr for themselves in a powerful, easy, mobile way. I approached nokia for more sponsorship and they agreed. Nokia france gave me 10 phones and 10 blog accounts and the freedom to build the project. They agreed to sponsor the FASHION & BLOGGING CONFERENCE, being held this October 2005 during fashion week.”
Trendwatching has a good argument as to why Life Caching will take off.
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