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Blinkx Adds Content But News Corp. Deal Is A Mirage

According to someone familiar with News Corp.’s plans, the company was never close to a deal with Blinx.TV; the chatter was just another example of the hype that happens when a company is open about shopping.
Meanwhile, Blinkx announced a batch of new content deals: Blastro, CNET, CraveOnline,, IT Conversations, ManiaTV, StupidVideos, YouTube and Vidiac. The multimedia content from those sources will be indexed using Blinkx’s automated service, making them searchable on demand.

One Response to “Blinkx Adds Content But News Corp. Deal Is A Mirage”

  1. Ellen Thomas

    What an amazing company Blinkx is ,i truly believe this company in the next 2
    years is going to dominate online video and information search all over the world you can forget about Google and Yahoo there technology is now old hat and with the
    111 patents Blinkx has it is going to be nearlly impossible to get anywhere near
    this technology without infringing the patents Blinkx hold and at 17 pence a share is practicly a joke , 50+ million visiters a month carn,t be wrong.