The Glass Mouse That Roared

The fine folks at IOGear sent me a test unit of their new five button mouse, The USB Laser Mouse, promising me that it would be a fantastic experience, especially if you are using a PC laptop. They said you could program the five buttons to open up any application I wanted. You could do some of these things with Microsoft mice, so that did not excite me as much. What impressed me the most is that it worked flawlessly on my glass-top writing table. I have struggled with all different types of Mice on this surface, but not this time.

Apparently, The USB Laser Mouse has 30 times more tracking power than traditional optical mice because it uses a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) as its light source. Interesting, because VCSELs I knew were used in optical geat that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 1600 dpi mouse offers greater accuracy as a result, and it is extremely sensitive. So while writing about a mouse is not something I would do during the course of my work life, I thought, it was an experience worth sharing anyway. By the way, it does work with a Mac, but as a simple two button mouse. Now if they could put this much oomph in a bluetooth mouse, and I would be happy!