Reinventing Radio: On Phonetags…

Phonetags LogoThis post is definitely worth reading as an example of how “old media” such as radio can make use of “new media”, such as mobile phones and the internet. Even the comments section is worth a read…
“Phonetags is an experimental project designed to try and help us get some purchase on some of these questions. The best way to describe it is to start off with some Principles for Effective Social Software that we developed as a result of working on the project. I’m not going to pretend that they cover everything, but they’ve proven very useful for us. We believe that for a piece of Social Software to be useful:

  • Every individual should derive value from their contributions
  • Every contribution should provide value to their peers as well
  • The site or organisation that hosts the service should be able to derive value from the aggregate of the data and should be able to expose that value back to individuals

The idea is that if a listener likes a song they hear on the radio they can send in an SMS to tag the song. It starts with ‘x’, which bookmarks the song and allows you to view it later online because it’s identified with your phone number. You can add other qualifiers as well, such as *1 to *5 to rate it out of five stars and tag words which describe the song. There are other things you can do…
The radio gets the benefit of a swarth of metadata showing them — in near real time — how their songs are received and how people relate to each song.
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