Do you want to write for jkOnTheRun?


JK Icon smallI have been toying with the idea of adding another writer on jkOnTheRun to help bring more mobile tech news to site visitors.  I feel it will benefit readers to have more articles covering gadgets and mobile tech news and help build the site’s popularity even further.  What I would like to do is bring someone on for a month-long trial to make a few posts per day that fit in with the current style of the site.  If you are interested in writing for a highly visible site (and have sufficient time) please email me at jk AT jkontherun DOT com.  This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has always wanted to write about mobile tech for a large audience.  Please, only serious inquiries.  Thanks.


Andrew Park

Hi James:
I think you and Marc Orchant should have one blog and call it Tablet guy 1 and tablet guy 2. Their seems to be repetition in coveragfe between both of you.


Oh sure, you would post this right after I’ve started my own blog. If only I hadn’t been so hasty….

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