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MTV To Launch “Urge” Music Service in 2006

That’s according to a story in the latest edition of AdAge..MTV is finally close to launching (well, next year) its as-yet-vaporware online music service…The planned name the is Urge, and the service will also have a My Space-like online community, as well as subscription and a la carte downloading services, according to the story.

In July, MTV parent company Viacom applied for the trademark
Urge to be used as a brand name for an online community, news and chats, as well as downloading and streaming of digital audio, video, graphics and peer-to-peer networking. Viacom registered as trademarks the names “Phyle” and “Playcast,” too.

And it is readying a multimillion-dollar, cross-media
marketing push to fuel Urge’s takeoff.

Keep in mind that MTV has been considering an online music service in some form for the last 3-4 years, and at various times over that period, the “imminent launch” news has been leaked out…so I’ll see it when I believe it. Meanwhile, MTV Overdrive had great coverage of the VMAs last night…after the live ceremony on TV, it has archived the whole show to be watched on demand online…and tons of extras. It has learned its Live8 lessons well..


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