Tiger iSync Madness

Upgrading to Tiger introduced a few “interesting” iSync-related “features”.

  1. /Applications/iSync.app no-longer will sync items to your .Mac account. Controlling .Mac Sync features is now handled in System Preferences –> .Mac –> Sync Tab. You’ll notice there is a “[x] Show status in menu bar” checkbox at the bottom. Checking this will indeed show an iSync icon in the menu bar. But this icon only gives you access to .Mac Sync, not /Applications/iSync.app, which brings us to the next “feature” Tiger introduced:
  2. /Applications/iSync.app can no-longer be accessed from the menu bar. Sync Now 1.0, a 3rd-party application, attempts to address this travesty.
  3. /Applications/iSync.app will no-longer sync Contacts and Calendar to your iPod. This is now solely handled via iTunes. It would appear it also no-longer allows us to schedule automated syncs to our devices.

What we used to be able to achieve with a single click or entirely automate in the background before Tiger is no-longer possible.

In Tiger, synchronizing non-iPod devices requires us to explicitly dig out from the Finder and open /Applications/iSync.app. Synchronizing contacts and calendar info to iPods requires us to open iTunes. Synchronizing anything to .Mac requires us to open System Preferences –> .Mac –> Sync Tab, or use its menu item.

Where’s Apple headed with this? I fail to understand how this new reorganization of synchronizing tasks is beneficial to end-users? Were people corrupting their Address Books by having too many data sources in the mix?

The fact that the menu bar .Mac sync icon looks exactly the same as what used to be /Applications/iSync.app’s menu bar icon was insanely confusing to me. Right after the upgrade, I kept triggering .Mac syncs wondering why the t610 wasn’t also being synchronized, wondering what went wrong with my system.


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