Switch Back (to) Panther (from) Tiger

I am an early adopter – be it a new phone, a new music player or a new operating system – I am first in line to snap up that gizmo. It was this lust for new that prompted me to switch to Apple Tiger almost instantly. A clean install, and seamless transition to Tiger OS-X was great for about an hour. After I had gotten over the joy of iSyncing 6682 and 6620 with iCal and Apple Address Book, I realized that I should not have been so eager to upgrade. Over next month or so, the problems just mounted. The Mail.app was a tough one to get used to, but that’s a minor quibble. The biggest problem was that my Powerbook 15 and Powerbook 12, both after upgrades were running so hot that you could cook an egg on them.

I tried everything – turning off dashboard, turning off spotlight, and well, everything that I could do. I could not figure this out, and then problem only got more acute with fans running all the time. (It was the fan-issue that resulted in a iMac G5 meltdown earlier this year!) The screen started to flicker. (I was told that since Tiger offloads a lot of vital tasks off to the graphics chip, normally if you have an older generation graphics chip, it cannot do the task and causes some screen related problems.)

Unable to figure out what to do, I decided perhaps it was time to switch back to Panther. I made a copy of the drive using carbon copy cloner, and did a clean install of Panther. I was able to import mail from Tiger version of Mail.app using simple import command in Apple Mail. The applications were manually dragged to the new machine from the old folders sitting on a mighty fine IOGear 320 Gb drive. It was painful to register all the software again, but I did it anyway. Took me about 2 hours to do all this.

To make sure that it was not a hardware issue – I left my Powerbook 12 (which has been switched back to Panther) for the entire day. 20 hours later, the machine is lukewarm. It is brisk, and well feels like a real comfortable Mac I have been used to. Even my Cisco VPN software works nicely. The only problem – my Nokia 6682 doesn’t sync with iSync 2.0, and needs the Tiger version of iSync (2.1). Oh well, I still have the 6620 lying around somewhere. Lesson learned from all this – when it comes to Apple, it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter.

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