Content-Related Patents Granted Over Last Week


Some interesting digital content related patents granted over last week, by the USPTO:

# 6,934,552 Method to select and send text messages with a mobile: Assigned to Philips

# 6,934,743: Method and apparatus for displaying intermediate content messages in the unused portion of a web browser display space: Assigned to Wireless 3G

# 6,934,841: Smart card controlled internet access: Assigned to 3M

# 6,934,837: System and method for regulating the transmission of media data: Assigned to RealNetworks

# 6,934,753: Apparatus and method for blocking access to undesirable web sites on the internet: Assigned to Planty Net Co., Ltd. (Seoul, KR)

# 6,934,693: System for controlling the distribution and use of digital works: Assigned to ContentGuard

# 6,933,928: Electronic book player with audio synchronization: Assigned to inventors

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