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For some reason or another, Apple has made the poor decision (in my opinion) to make the default format for screenshots PNG. In the past, if one wanted to change the default format, they would have to go into the terminal and change the format by editing a system file. Lucky for those of us who may not be comfortable with the terminal, but still want to change the file format, there is SCIT. Screen Capture Image Type allows users to change the default file type of screenshots to a variety of types including GIF, JPG, and PSD.

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Paparazzi! is a neat little app that will come in especially handy for those in the field of web-design. Paparazzi! is a quick and easy way to take a full snapshot of a web-page in the format of your choice.

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Everyone has that one special flash animation that they can watch over and over again, and never tire of. Now you can have that special little film as your screen-saver! Never spend a day without being barraged by a repetitive loop of light and sound again!FlashSaverMaker (I know, the site is abhorrent, but the program is worth it) takes any normal .swf file, and instantly turns it into a .saver file.

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For mobile users like me, almost nothing is as important has staying on-top of the status of my PowerBook’s battery. Enter coconutBattery, a simple utility that shows me all the info about my battery that I could ever want. I can see how many cycles I have been through, and how those cycles have affected the over-all capacity of my battery.

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