Jobs vs the Music Industry


Om Malik is weighing-in on the current challenges Jobs is facing with the music industry, trying to raise song prices on him:

How can this geek be a better businessman than us, they say? Read

Until iTunes came along, i might have bought a CD once every couple of years. I never pirated music, i just mostly listened to various radio stations, or listened to the same few CDs I’d bought in high school. Sad, i know. Since opening my iTunes account, i’ve blown a few hundred bucks on songs. Still sad, comparing to many of my friends who are iTunes junkies.

In light of the music industry’s shameless reluctance to adapt, it’s high time for a new platform to emerge from the resourcefulness and determination of worldwide disgruntled music enthusiasts. It will embrace the new generations of music lovers, who are no-longer satisfied of being passive media consumers, in a new ecosystem where artists are closer to their fans, who instantly become the true promoters of real talent.

It will be an uphill battle, but one worth fighting. The human race is doing itself a great disservice of primarily relying on mass media to discover New Music.

I agree with Om Malik, the greatest disservice the music industry can do to itself, is bite the hand that feeds it.


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