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Music Video Action Shifts To Internet

This just in … the internet is replacing cable television as the primo music video viewing destination. Phil Leigh, senior analyst for Inside Digital Media, told USA Today, “When MTV moved away from videos, that created a vacuum. Just like nature, commerce abhors a vacuum.” Music videos are highly valued at portals like Yahoo and AOL as traffic drivers for the youth and young adult demos. They’re part of the allure at and a major factor for MTV Overdrive. Musicians are even posting their own aided by lower costs and advanced technology.
MySpace president Tom Anderson says an unknown band can post a video at MySpace and draw 40,000 viewers. “The quality may be lacking, but I think fans get excited when they discover a band that’s made its own record or video. They’re the first to see them underground.”
Also from Leigh: “This has profound implications beyond MTV. Ultimately all programming will be on demand. People will look in the rearview and say, ‘Gee, they had to wait for things to be broadcast?’ It will be a quaint anachronism.”
Update: To underscore the competitive nature, soon after this posted I got an email from AOL Music announcing that Shakira’s new video would debut there Monday at 12:01 a.m. as a 48-hour exclusive. It’s the latest in the music site’s First View program.