Fujitu’s two new Tablet PCs


Stylistic ST5000

Fujitsu realizes that prospective Tablet PC customers have a big choice to make right up front, convertible or slate.  To that end they recently introduced two new models in their Tablet PC line which cover those choices quite nicely.  The Stylistic ST5000 is the newest slate series and it has a lot going for it that slate lovers can dream about.  Weighing in at a measly 3.5 lbs. and less than 1” thick the ST5000 packs a lot of punch.  The viewing options are as diverse as you’ll find on any Tablet PC as the 12.1” screen comes in three versions, indoor wide-angle, indoor/ outdoor, and indoor/ outdoor wide-angle, all of which display in XGA (1024×768).  The ST5000 uses a Pentium running at 1.2 GHz and can be upgraded to 2 GB of memory.  Prices start at $2099.

Fujitsu ST50XX

LifeBook T4000

Convertible lovers are covered by Fujitsu too with the introduction of the LifeBook T4000 series. The T4000 is a full 12.1” convertible with a Pentium processor up to 2 GHz and RAM up to 2 GB.  The screen options are just as exciting as on the ST5000 with three available: indoor wide angle, indoor/ outdoor wide angle, and an indoor high resolution (1400×1050) such as that on the Toshiba M200.  Too bad there is not a wide angle version of the high-res screen, that would be killer.  The ST5000 runs normally at 1024×768 resolution without the high-res option.  Prices start at $2149.

Fujitsu T40xx


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