Thanko USB Radio


Japanese electronics OEM Thanko has introduced the Thanko USB Radio in Japan which looks pretty cool.  The USB Radio draws all its power from the USB bus and is slightly bigger than a key chain flash drive.  Why would you want a radio on your notebook or Tablet PC?  Thanko ships the Radio with software that performs radio tuning and allows recording of the streaming radio signal directly into WMA format.  You can even program to record a specific station at a given time.  Cool mobile tech!

Thanko USB Radio



I have a Griffin RadioShark which is available in the states. It is a USB powered radio to and probably the first to also include AM radio. It has built in time shifting as well as the ability to pause live radio. So if you like Art Bell you don’t have to stay up to listen.


This will be a cool addition to my gadget bag! Can’t wait for it to appear.

Steve Beller

I wonder if the dongle has to be connected to record a show or can the software do it in the background and store it online until you can retrieve it?

Interesting technology nonetheless!


I haven’t been successful tracking it down anywhere. It’s a mainstream product though so they should start selling them here, I would think.

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