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Lora Heiny has some additional information about the mobile vision laid out during the IDF keynote speech (webcast replay here) by Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini.  Otellini demonstrated (20 minute mark in the webcast) a portable computer with a 5” screen that displays in either portrait or landscape and elaborated on his specs for such a device:

  • “Handtop” form factor
  • Full operating system such as WindowsVista
  • USB
  • WiFi and WiMAX integrated
  • Always connected probably meaning GPRS/EDGE or EVDO
  • Battery life all day
  • Around 1 pound
  • Slide out USB access
  • Slide out thumb board keyboard in BOTH PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE mode
  • No docking possibility mentioned

This sounds awesome and the most surprising part of his discussion of such a device was the intended availability time frame– first half of 2006!  BTW– the intro to the keynote was as well done as any I’ve seen, including Apple’s.  The big theme was Growth through Mobility.  Gotta love that. 


Michael Nelson

I now realize I must have sounded stupid. Of course a Handtop is between a Tablet and a PPC. But I was hoping intel’s announcement for its new chipset would mean greater power for PPCs as well. That was the point I wanted to make. But I am glad that Handtop development is developing further.

Michael Nelson

This does sound neat. But 1 pound?

This is beginning to sound like something in-between a Pocket PC and a Tablet PC. Which could still be interesting. But I was kind of hoping for a Pocket PC that would have all that power!


I think I liked it because it IS Intel and a departure from the norm. Trying to go after the mobile crowd is a good thing and they are trying to shake up their image. At least, that’s what it seemed like to me. It was good to see them try to create some excitement for a change. Of course, I’m the mobile tech guy. :)


You really liked their intro? I thought it was completely non-Intel and really didn’t like it at all. I prefer their just-the-facts style.

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