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Ringtones — And Their Theft — On The Rise

It looks like the ‘ringtone piracy‘ meme is starting to take hold…the figures are pretty old (such as Jupiter Research’s March 2005 report “Wireless Market Forecast, 2004 to 2009” prediction that ringtone revenue will reach $724 million in 2009) but some of the comments are very interesting…
“Retail is not the only outlet, as digital and mobile are two viable methods of distribution, it’s really going to change the landscape of the record business,” Dworkin said. “People won’t continue to buy CDs for $18 when they can get a favorite ringtone song for $2.50.” I don’t think I agree with this, since the two formats are used for vastly different purposes…
“Artists are playing with a medium that isn’t fully formed,” Dworkin said. “Mobile content can be used for retail and promotion. … It’s a powerful promotional tool they built into an actual product. You hear artists’ music on your phones and see their pictures, people want to express themselves, most likely, associating themselves with a celebrity, and (one way is through the phone).” This is true, but if ringtones will stop people buying CDs their use as a promotion doesn’t make much sense (I know there’s different ways to promote music on mobiles, but ringtones are still the most popular…).
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