Internal Drive & Drive Enclosure: Cheap Storage

I just recently extended my external Hard Drive capacity by 250 gigabytes. It cost me $130. Try to beat that deal with a Lacie or something similar. The key – and this is really a note for relative newbies out there – is to buy an internal hard drive and a drive enclosure. I found a smokin deal on a Maxtor 250 gigabyte drive for $99, and a $30 enclosure. Sweet!

A catch you may run into, if you’ve not done this kind of thing before, is that you’ll have to format it to run as an Apple journaled file system. Doing this is simple enough:

  • Fire up Disk Utility from your Applications/Utilities folder
  • Connect your new external hard drive
  • Select the drive in the left pane of Disk Utility
  • Choose the ERASE tab
  • Select the option to fully erase the drive
  • Make sure you’ve chosen the Apple Journaled File System (extended)
  • Let it run.
  • You’re done!

So if you’re out looking for more space, consider this alternative. And you might even checkout for seriously great deals. Sign up for email alerts so you don’t need to check it all the time…


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