Intel promises WindowsVista on handhelds


Intel CEO Paul Otellini has pledged to have WindowsVista running on handhelds by the end of the decade.  Otellini says that a new generation of devices he calls handtops (I hate that term) are possible due to Intel’s performance per watt initiative.

(via MicrosoftNewsTracker)



OQO it’s a really nice machine. I can’t wait to see more of these kind of machines on the market. I believe OQO 01+ is just an interim version until Intel comes with a better processor. The current version of OQO uses a slower Transmeta processor.



What’s wrong with the term “handtop?” Just like the term “laptop,” the term “handtop” accurately describes where the form factor of the computer allows said computer to reside (much or part of the time) on the human body.

It’s a very logical term indeed.

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