I Love Archive & Install

Last Sunday night I crashed my powerbook. Before all the mac haters jump and say “HAH!”, sit back down. In the 3 years I’ve had my powerbook, I’ve crashed it twice – both were my own fault. Hacking things I shouldn’t have been…

So back to the story. I’d tried changing some plist settings to rewire the way the ENTER key on my keyboard works. (I want it to work as another FUNCTION key – uControl doesn’t do it in Tiger…) Well I rebooted and my keyboard wasn’t recognized.

First thing I did – Panic. I back up my system weekly, and always before I go out of town, so my last backup was only a couple days old. But I was hugely disappointed because I’d taken a couple hundred pictures over the weekend, being up in the mountains with my family. Not the end of the world, but I’m very protective of my photos.

Next thing I did, was to try to boot to Single User mode (CMD S at boot up) to run fsck. Oh! Keyboard isn’t recongized…Can’t type anything at the prompt. Crap.

Ok, let’s try booting to the OS install disc (C at boot up) and running Disk Utility. No luck after running it.

Then my brain kicked in, and I ran an Archive and Install from my Tiger install disc. All I have to say is Thank Goodness Apple watches out for it’s numbskull users!! An hour later my system was back up and running. I had to tweak a few apps (reinstall, etc) to make everything work properly again, but I was saved.

Moral of the story – FIND ME A WAY TO SAFELY REMAP enter TO function ON MY POWERBOOK!

Wait, that’s just a wish list item.
Moral of the story – Don’t forget about the Archive and Install option when things go wrong!


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