DormTunes – iTunes sharing at its biggest


You don’t begin to think about how popular iTunes is until you see just how many people have taken it up for casual use. After I connected to the dorm network when I moved into my new school (transferring from one to another), I was poking around, and happened to load up iTunes…

itunes list

This is the whole campus, but is pretty neat, in terms of numbers – the number of people who are currently running iTunes. Usually schools discourage sharing and whatnot (and some schools force students to sign up for Napster), but this is pretty impressive. I tried to connect to many of them, and Apple limits you to only 5 connected users per day, but it’s neat that people are indeed purposefully using it. However, part of me wishes they would shut it off before midnight so I could sleep. Oh, well. If they wanted to, the campus techs could easily block the port(s) that iTunes uses for sharing (which, I believe Limewire uses also, at least for the streaming part).

It appears that Limewire does a similar method of hosting users’ libraries so that people can see what you have to offer, and it’s even faster than iTunes’. The Limewire ones appear more quickly. This may prove that as iTunes gets more and more features, it’s getting more noticably “clunky” and less responsive (I’ve also heard complaints from Windows people about it dragging on certain machines, even the fastest Athlons, not just the sharing, but in general performance). Part of me hopes that Apple can get it up to speed before they move everyone to Intel.


Jason Terhorst

It’s a school in Illinois. I probably shouldn’t say much more than that. I wouldn’t want to see filesharing ripped out from under me…


it is interesting to see who uses what for music, and whats more interesting is why

as far as iTunes, iTunes 2 didn’t have nearly the memory consumption or prowess of the current iTunes system. with the music store, podcast management, sharing, etc., iTunes 4.9 is going to demand more attention from both the cpu & the mem than previous versions. when apple moves over to x86 permanently, it will be interesting to see how well the newer iTunes will work on a PC vs. a Mac.

great article.


My iTunes has definitely slowed down over the years. I started on iTunes 2 on OS 9, and now I’m on 4.9 on Tiger. It’s on a newer computer than iTunes 2 was, and it’s slower. 300 MHZ vs. 1.25 GHZ. Stupid.

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