Google Talk

Google has decided to enter the IM and VoIP market with a new service called Google Talk. Based on the open standard Jabber protocol for instant messaging, with audio chat thrown in for good measure, Google Talk is a full-fledged IM client. Unfortunately, the current client is only available for (guess what?) Windows. There is good news and better news for Mac users though. The good news is that, if you have a GMail account, you have a Google Talk account. The better news is that, since Google Talk is based on Jabber and Google is reportedly keen on keeping the protocol open, there’s a number of clients available on the Mac side including iChat AV on 10.4.

Here’s how to set up iChat to access Google Talk:

1. Add an account in iChat’s Accounts Preferences, and select “Jabber” as the protocol.
2. Your screen name is:
3. Your password is your GMail password.
3. Server is ‘’.

iChat wants to use SSL for Jabber, so it will default to using port 5223 instead of the correct 5222. I didn’t find this much of a problem, but you will get a message warning that your login and password are being sent in an way that isn’t secure. Click Continue at that window and iChat will log you in to Google Talk.

Anybody having any problems logging in? Anyone tried out whether or not Google Talk’s audio chat works with iChat AV? Let me know in the comments.

(Hat Tip: TUAW)


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