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ReelFX — Ringtones By Foley Artists

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AG Interactive, the new media subsidiary of American Greetings Corporation has launched ReelFX, which are ringtones developed by professional foley artists in the company Tone Freqs. For those who don’t care who or what the Best Boy in a movie is the Foley effects fill in the detailed sounds around the actors’ dialogue and actions to “create a dynamic integrated sound environment customized for every film”.
These ringtones have a couple of bonuses — they are professionally produced but don’t have huge royalty fees.

To create ReelFX, the team wrote original copy and created scenarios that are, in effect, original pieces of sound art for phones. They combined spoken word, sound effects, and music, which are treated digitally to create the sound designs. Each ReelFX tells a story through sound creating very personalized creative expressions for phones.

“We were pleased to work with AG Interactive to create these ringtones which are a first of their kind,” stated Alicia Stevenson, Partner, Tone Freqs Inc. “Our goal with ReelFX was to tell a story in twenty seconds that would translate universally to listeners as the sound of classic movie genres. The ReelFX are broader pieces of work than we’ve done before and it’s been fantastic to put our sound effects expertise to work creating new forms of mobile content.”

This should be a good deal for the Foley Artists also…
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