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Pod2Mob Launches In Beta

Pod2Mob LogoPod2Mob is an application that allows users to stream podcasts to their mobile handsets…it claims to be the first but it hasn’t beaten its competitors by much. The company was running a live beta test of the app on SprintPCS but has now launched it with Cingular and T-Mobile soon (they’re apparently trying for AT&T as well).
The streaming solution does mean that the handset doesn’t need a great deal of memory to store large files, but it also raises the spectre of large data charges. People with “all-you-can-eat” plans will be fine with the service, while those who pay per megabyte may be unhappy with the cost. Apart from that the software is free…
The press release does make a fairly good case for streaming podcasts to mobiles, but things like bandwidth cost and low awareness will have to be overcome for the application to succeed.
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