Optical (gear) Market Turns, Slowly


Dell’Oro Group says things are getting better in the optical business. The second quarter 2005 saw sequential growth, and global revenues were up 10% sequentially in the second quarter to $2.1 billion, a 28% increase from a year earlier. In North America, the market grew 19% sequentially to $639 million, a 37% increase from a year earlier and the third consecutive quarter of sequential growth here. All that broadband consumption is finally beginning to spark sales at the very bottom of the market. More proof of this comes from the router market, which also saw its highest sequential increase since 2000 in the second quarter – up 8% to $2.5-billion for the quarter. Mark Evans says this is good news for Cisco and Juniper only, but not as much for Nortel, which is still waiting for its much vaunted Neptune router to have any impact. Maybe they should buy Enterasys Networks for about $250 million he suggests. And despite all the good news, Inventing Money is worried about Why Ciena Can’t get it right!



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Sometimes I find myself anxious when I read blogs like paidcontent/om’s/and others, because my competitors are oft-mentioned – which is just another time that we were not in the news and someone else is. Oh the internet

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