Yet another iPod is doomed story

Enjoy it while it lasts, Apple, because the same record executives whose nasty nose candy habits you saved will shank you soon. Record company executives say Apple is inflexible. Ask the consumer, they got no problems with iTunes. Its just that Apple is not willing to fall prey to the greedy urges of a self destructive record industry. Never mind that there is no device (or service) that has mounted a reasonable challenge to iPod … yet. And I don’t see anything on the horizon either. Samsung, MSN, Sony…. they all have new devices planned. Like they had last year, and well…..

Apple points to the 500 million tracks downloaded on iTunes to date as a milestone. But dividing that figure by the more than 20 million iPods sold indicates that each iPod owner has bought an average of fewer than 30 songs from iTunes. Piper Jaffray estimates that only nine tracks are bought per month per iPod user. “The mass market still is entrenched in a non-MP3 world,” Piper Jaffray senior research analyst Gene Munster says says. “Until that changes, there’s just too few iPods out there to move the needle for the overall music industry.”

Actually to be fair the Billboard/Reuters article is pretty well reported and it is a fairly indepth report on the state of Mp3/digital music industry.


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