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Content-Related Patents Granted Recently

Some interesting digital content related patents granted this month, by the USPTO:

# 6,925,504: Methods and apparatus for obtaining content from a content-originating device within a computerized network: Assigned to Cisco.

# 6,931,660: Interactive television system and method for simultaneous transmission and rendering of multiple MPEG-encoded video streams: Assigned to OpenTV

# 6,931,657: Methods and arrangements for providing a novel television and multimedia viewing paradigm: Assigned to Microsoft

# 6,931,656: Virtual creature displayed on a television: Assigned to Philips Electronics

# 6,931,593: Automatic channel generation for home network systems: Assigned to Gateway

# 6,931,536: Enhanced copy protection of proprietary material employing multiple watermarks: Assigned to Macrovision

# 6,931,545: Systems and methods for integrity certification and verification of content consumption environments: Assigned to ContentGuard

# 6,925,469: Digital entertainment service platform: Assigned to Intertainer (Defunct now!)