Call for Help coming back to the US


Those of you who have missed watching “Call for Help” in the US can rest a little easier tonight after you read this announcement from Leo Laporte:

CfhWell it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to announce it so I’ll confirm what most of you have already guessed. If you check your Tivo or Yahoo! TV listings you’ll notice that Call for Help is back on the schedule at G4.

G4 has purchased the show for air in the US. I will continue to fly to Toronto to produce it, and we’re not changing a thing. In fact, as those of you who have been watching it know, it’s really more like the Screen Savers of old than Call for Help used to be, especially now that Kevin Rose has agreed to appear on the show twice a week. We’ll get Patrick up to Toronto, too, I promise.

You’re welcome. 




I miss the first run of the show with Kate Botello, but that’s me.

It’s good to see some useful content will be back on TechTV. It’s a waste of a channel these days.

Kevin C. Tofel

This is fantastic news. I’ll have to set up the DVR to catch the show at 11 though! I have to wonder if TWiT and other podcasting initiatives that Leo & gang have started had any impact on the decision. G4 must have realized by now that they had some great talent. All they needed to do is look at iTunes and Leo’s site to validate.

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