Verizon’s Motorola E815 reviewed


Motorola E815Verizon has been adding a lot of phones to its list of EVDO capable cell phones and the latest sounds like a winner.  The Motorola E815 sports 1xRTT, EVDO, Bluetooth and a camera into a sleek attractive package.  PC Magazine has published a complete review of the E815 and made it an Editors’ Choice for the feature set.

The E815 tops our previous favorite Verizon phone, the LG VX8000, on features and reception, though the VX8000’s game performance and camera are slightly better. LG’s VX8100, meanwhile, runs neck-and-neck with the E815 in most areas, but we’ll give the E815 the nod for its slightly better reception and better music capabilities.

Right now, the E815 is selling for under $100 with a new two-year contract. That’s a steal for a phone with this kind of power, and only cements the E815’s position as the Verizon handset to grab.

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