New version of Security patch for 10.4.2

Apple re-released its most recent security patch yesterday, fixing a problem that an earlier version caused. That earlier one seemed to work okay for me, and since I don’t have Mathematica, I didn’t notice anything wrong. But now that I’ve installed this supposed “fix”, I’m having nothing but trouble. QuickTime and Safari have made a game out of crashing, and Interface Builder doesn’t run at all. After restarting when the install finished, Finder would flash the desktop and close any window any time I clicked or double-clicked to get to my files. I was a bit frustrated, to say the least. Restarting once fixed that problem, but other apps, like I said, are still acting weird.
I’m going to cross my fingers and restart, hoping that it will fix these issues. So for this one, I’d say “proceed with caution”.

Who else out there has installed these or the other problem patches of Mac OS X versions in the past? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Update: After restart, Interface Builder still isn’t starting. Bad, bad Apple. A ton of stuff is acting weird, with crashes in attempting to burn a disk, etc. It’s… just… weird. — I have since re-installed Tiger (Archive and Install). Things are working okay, except for a couple apps which need to be re-installed, though that’s expected. I’ll see how things go from here.


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