Hotspot finder and access point all in one- ZyXEL WiFi Finder


ZyxelThe ZyXEL AG-225H WiFi Finder has a name much larger than the device but it’s fitting since the device does so much.  Finding WiFi hotspots is just the beginning when you are using the WiFi Finder because it is also a full featured access point so you can plug into a wired ethernet network and share it via WiFi with others nearby.  The little AP detects 802.11 a/b/g and pre-N networks and provides detailed information and displays SSID, signal strength and security information about the hotspot.  This is the first device I have seen that combines wireless AP and WiFi detector in one unit making it the perfect travel companion.  The LiON battery means you can use it without a power outlet for the ultimate portable experience.  $99.

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I actually don’t see the advantage of this device–it’s a wifi finder, but it also is an AP…so does it find itself?

Kidding. I see that it’s a converged device, but this device is supposed to be plugged into an Ethernet network and provide Wifi access.

There already are a couple of very good cigarette box-sized, standalone APs on the market:
– Netgear WGR101 Cable/DSL Wireless Travel Router
– SMC EZ-Connect gTM Wireless Traveler’s Kit

My issue with devices is security.
These are such small APs that they can be easily used to circumvent corporate security by simply being turned on and left (or hidden) somewhere.

I suggest anyone securing corporate networks to look at Wireless LAN solutions with built-in Wireless Intrusion Prevention to detect and block these rogue APs automatically–
Aruba Networks

Rick Lobrecht

It is only sort-of an access point. It needs a PC to be an access point. Bummer, because an AP that was that small would be a required item for the gadget bag.

Turn Your Laptop Into a Access Point

Not only does the AG-225H act as a hotspot finder and a client adapter, it can also turn your computer into an instant wireless access point. Perfect for conference rooms, meeting rooms, and hotels where you have one wired network connection, but multiple computer users. You can share that network connection wirelessly by simply plugging your computer into the Ethernet port and your AG-225H into your computer.

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