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Sprint Nextel To Launch Mobile Music Download Service

Sprint Nextel, the combined mobile behemoth which closed the merger last week, will combine wireless service plans in early September and launch a mobile music download service in time for the holidays, the company officials said at a media tour today.
Len Lauer, the COO of the combined entity, said that it plans to sell mobile song downloads at prices above Apple iTunes music service, which charges 99 cents a song. “Customers are paying $2 for a shortened version of a song for a ringtone. Will they pay the same for a full song, having the convenience of having it on (a cellphone)? I think they will,” said Lauer.
WirelessWeek: When it comes to mobile entertainment, the company plans to look at both Sprint’s PCS Vision offerings and Nextel’s mobile content services and integrate the most popular services from both and offer them to both Nextel and Sprint customers. This will happen fairly quickly, according to the company.