Googlers Cash In On Stock To The Tune Of About $2.8 Billion


Google’s founders, CEO and 10 other top execs and directors have cashed in shares worth $2.8 billion since the 2004 IPO. according to calculations by MarketWatch’s Dan Gallagher. The bakers’ dozen sold nearly 14 million. Nothing nefarious here — just some legit profit taking that adds up to large numbers. George Muzea of Muzea Insider Consulting explains: “Insider selling into long price stretches is normal. When a stock rolls over, that’s another matter.”
Most of the selling is through fixed-trading plans that sell insider shares on a scheduled basis. Co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page respectively have sold more than $820 million and $740 million in shares, CEO Eric Schmidt’s sales total about $258 million.

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