G5 Mini?

I’m more than willing to be proved wrong, but the latest rumours about a G5-based Mini seem far fetched to me.

I’d love to see one – it might even tempt me to buy another Mini before the PPC is dropped – but the attractiveness will be tempered by stories like this talking about hot G5 iMacs. This looks like a PSU issue, but if those components are required then heat will be an issue in an even smaller case. Even without that recent report, there have been others about how hot the G5 iMac case gets and some of that must be attributed to the G5 CPU and not just the heat generated by the LCD panel.

And let’s not forget how much heat the early G5 PowerMacs generated and the ‘wind tunnel’ reports, even now, relating to the G5 CPU.

The mini is a tiny case and it only works because the G4 CPU is the same as that used in PowerBooks and it’s power and heat output can be easily controlled and solved. There’s not a lot of space in that Mini case, they even have to use a 2.5″ drive to fit everything in the tiny case.

Fitting a G5, and more importantly the cooling systems required to keep it from overheating, into a case the same size as the Mini would be an impressive feat of engineering to say the least. That level of engineering wont come cheap though and it also seems unlikely that Apple would spend that much money on creating a new machine – albeit based on an old external design – at a time when they are migrating to a brand new hardware platform.


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