Another customer service turnaround- the Plantronics story


Anyone who has listened to my podcasts is familiar with my Plantronics headset woes.  I used a Plantronics DSP-100 USB headset for months and broke the head piece.  I fixed it with duct tape and used it for a couple of months but it kept loosening to the point it would slip around on my head so the microphone did not keep a uniform distance from my mouth.  This resulted in my recorded volume going up and down during the podcasts, something listeners grew all too familiar with.  I finally broke down and bought a Plantronics DSP-400, another USB microphone but with stereo headphones.  I used it for all of two days when the boom microphone developed a short in it rendering it all but useless for recording. 

Dsp500On the last techADDICTION Show Kevin Tofel and I complained bitterly about the apparent build quality of the DSP-400 coupled with the poor customer service from Plantronics.  Being the true techno-geek that I am I joked on the show that maybe this would prod me into getting the Plantronics DSP-500 headset since this seemed to be an upgrade from my two day headset.  The Technical Center Service Manager for Plantronics contacted me a couple of days ago and apologized for the poor performance of the DSP-400 and offered to send me a replacement straight away.  This impressed me that once again a company was watching the blogosphere for customers having problems and contacted me without  a request from me.  This is such a proactive thing for companies to do and just about the only way to turn a bad experience into a good one. Not only did this gentleman from Plantronics watch the blog but he also listened to the techADDICTION podcast I mentioned and the next thing I know I get another email stating that he heard me tell Kevin maybe I should get a DSP-500 since the build quality must be better than the broken one.  He said he was sending me a DSP-500 instead of the other one no charge to me since I had been inconvenienced enough.  This has turned me around from an “I’ll never buy another Plantronics again” to “I’ll give them another shot”.  This can only be good for Plantronics and this manager should be commended.

Today, only two days later, the DSP-500 was delivered and I have to say it is so much better than the DSP-400.  The stereo ear cups are very comfortable and the sound is excellent for listening to music.  I always test new headphones and ear buds for sound reproductive quality by listening to the entire Lee Ritenour Alive in LA album and let me tell you it sounds absolutely great.  This is a sterling audio headset that happens to also record which is something I have not enjoyed before today.  The build quality seems very solid and recordings sound very nice.  Kudos to Plantronics for going the extra mile for the customer!  Click the link below to hear the sound quality of a recording made with the Plantronics DSP-500:



Drew Smith

I’ve owned the Logitech Premium USB Headset 350 since the beginning of the year, and have been very happy with it. It looks like the Logitech 350 and the Plantronics DSP-500 have nearly identical specs (and are comparably priced). Has anyone compared the two head-to-head (or is that headset-to-headset?) to see if one is superior to the other?


I just wanted to say that my Ford has been in repair a lot and I would be willing to accept a free upgrade if anyone from Ford reads this. They own Jaguar now don’t they?

Oliver Sturm

Nice to hear, the DSP-500 is the one I’ve been using for nearly two years now. It’s been great and it’s held up very well, but I never really took the time to compare it to many other models, so I couldn’t be sure if there was really anything special about it.

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