Mysore, India offers commercial WiFi


Mysore, one of the most beautiful cities in India, has become one of the first cities in India to offer commercial WiFi access, thanks to a company called WiFiyNet. “Don’t let the oldworld charm of Mysore fool you. It has raced past hi-tech Bangalore, by going completely wireless (Wi-Fi), an achievement still beyond Bangalore,” says Times of India



What’s so great about the Wi-Fi of Mysore if covers just an area of 100 meters(radius)i don’t think that’s a big achievement .


Its really difficult to find details on who is giving Wifi, which areas are Wifi Hotspots etc.

I feel this is more propoganda than truth. Last I enquired from one provider and he told me that you need to buy a wireless router worth 7K rs. If that is what I have to do then why is city called wifi city.


I will be arriving in Mysore (Gokulum) December 6 2005 and living in the city through March 2006 I will be working by email with my clients in the US. Do I need to have Airtel come and hook up the DSL or is Mysore and more specifically Gokulum truly a free WiFi hotspot?

If anyone can provide information, I would really appreciate first hand knowledge.

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Hi, Is there coverage in Kuvempunagar? Does anybody know the telephone contact of the provider?


I would like to know how to test this out – i cannot find any website/directory information on this wireless provider.

Robin Ghose

We are covering over 150 hotspots all india… with effective radius of 50 – 100 meters… do the math

chaman chutie

it was not expected form times of india that it will present such misleding and exaggerated News.
please looda lee le maammu kaa!!!!!!!!!!!! bahut baadda hai


Appreciate it !!!
We being in US are not able to get the wifi. Whereas in Mysore they have made it reality. That itself is an achievement.

Robin Ghose


The entire area as mentioned in the papers is not covered. These are actually 3 hotspots with a effective radius of around 50-100m.

Sridhar Pai

Exciting to know this. but not sure what the note means by saying 100% covered? Also wonder why the Mysore Bangalore hiway is not getting wired? – Kushalnagar is enroute Coorg (a lovely hill station in Karnataka) but less dense in terms of traffic..besides with hiway to Blr getting six-laned…
Will try this out soon…

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