Houston Chronicle considering adding podcasts


I am fortunate to be located in Houston where we have one of the most tech-savvy local newspapers in the country.  The Houston Chronicle has been running computer related and tech advice columns for a very long time and recently they added several blogs that are top-notch.  One of my favorite blogs on the Chronicle web site is TechBlog (naturally) written by tech columnist Dwight Silverman.  TechBlog always has interesting items both local and global that make it a staple in my feed list.

Dwight posed an interesting question on TechBlog yesterday that made me very happy– the Houston Chronicle is considering (just considering, mind you) to add podcasts to the web site.  He is soliciting ideas for what readers would be interesting in hearing covered on such podcasts.  If you are in Houston, heck anywhere really since the web is a global place, jump over to the article and leave your ideas in the comments.  I know I would love to hear what they might produce as I’m sure they would do it in a totally professional way, just like the blogs.

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