Crazy Mob for $50 iBooks


The story of the Henrico County iBook sale (4-year-old used laptops for 50 bucks) is on the Internet, and everyone is a little disturbed…. because “insane mod scene” is putting it mildly. Slashdot linked to the text story of this news already, but they didn’t link to the news video, which made it more clear how horrible these people are. C’mon, folks. They are 4-year-old computers! They aren’t even adequate for Flash games, which I can tell you because my 3-year-old iBook can’t! When people are getting injured, I would say – it’s just not worth it.

Links: Slashdot | Original text | Video from TV news.


Ames Tiedeman

Does anyone know when the next genration iPhone will hit the streets?
Another blog says before Christmas. I do not think this can be true. Any ideas?

Chris Holland

Interesting. My GF bought her iBook over 3 years ago, it’s like 700Mhz G3 with 640MB of RAM, it still kicks serious butt and does everything she’s ever needed.

With all that said, i wish the fire department had been there with a big ol’ hose of ice-cold water to slap some sense into’em. sheesh.

Jason Terhorst

There is a another site with another look at it: The author there claims that the iBooks could be worth 500 dollars? I don’t see it myself, but if they are indeed worth that much, let’s all watch eBay and see what happens. Henrico County just made a really stupid move if those 50 dollar computers go for much higher than that on eBay. They could have potentially solved their budget problems for the next 20 years, if people would have paid 10 times more.

Josh Pigford

Sheeesshh…crazy mo fo’s…I’m with Jason on this…those things aren’t even worth $50. Though if any of those folks were smart they would have gotten one and then resold it on eBay.

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