Tablet Edition will be a premium version of WindowsVista


Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer stated in a recent interview on that the Tablet and Media Center editions will “join the premium editions” of the WindowsVista family.  Ballmer went on to remark that Windows XP Pro “drove literally billions of dollars of revenue growth versus the home version” which forms the basis of the decision to make the Tablet a premium version.  I must say I am disappointed that Tablet is not rolled into the base WindowsVista as previously hinted as it will no doubt continue pushing the Tablet into the niche markets, rather than the mainstream.  It will also guarantee that the Tablet PC will remain a much higher priced item compared to regular notebook computers, something that many cite as the barrier to purchase a Tablet PC.


Fahad Fateh

Tablet functionality should have been built into WV and should not have been left as an addon but IMO the reason is the same as it was for Xp pro, as pointed out by Trevor, the tablet users community is far more smaller than the nootebooks and desktops home users community.

Lets wait for about five to seven years to see any change in that regard.

Some people dont agree with me but I believe there is a need for a tablet specific OS, atleast I would need one when I will start inking on a slate. Just can’t wait for that lovely experience. :)


I hope you’re right but what is sounds like to me is that Tablet and Media Center will be separate versions from the rest of the WV OS which to me sounds like more of the same. We have WinXP Pro now as a premium but the Tablet Edition is still separate and OEM only which I really hope will not be the case with Vista.

Trevor Claiborne

I don’t see the problem here. He’s comparing Vista Premium to XP Pro. How many businesses do you think run XP Home Edition?

How many of you would recommend a friend to buy a computer with XP Home?

As long as SteveB’s comparison is accurate, I think this IS what we’ve been waiting for. One SKU that IT can deploy across all it’s computers whether they be tablets, notebooks, or desktops.

Daryl Herbert

So I was right:

Not that I wanted to be :-(

I think MSFT should be trying to bring Tablet PC features to desktops (through drawing tablets or even LCD monitor tablets such as from Wacom). I think MSFT should want desktop and normal laptop users to be able to interact with ink from Tablet PCs as if it were nothing special (HWR searches of ink, for instance). Those would be good things towards encouraging more people to use tablet PCs.

At the very least, MSFT should include the HWR with normal editions of Vista. MSFT can make tablet users pay extra for shape recognition and the TIP and whatever else, if they want to make extra money off tablet PCs. But they shouldn’t leave any features out of normal Vista that would make it hard for non-tablet users to connect with tablet users.


Same goes for Media Center. Lots of people have talked about its functions being rolled in to Vista, but from what your saying I was right there will be a Media Center SKU

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