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Report: FIM In Talks With

(reg. req.) Fox Interactive Media is in negotiations to buy privately held multimedia search company Blinkx, according to the LA Times’ Sallie Hofmeister. She cites “people close” to News Corp., which means it’s more likely than some of the other stories flying around out there. Fox Interactive needs a good multimedia search engine and Blinkx (one of the first names we mentioned) may well be the best multimedia-centric option not already part of another service. Blinkx also has been innovative — adding podcast search and, more recently, RSS feeds of search results with enclosures. Blinkx started with desktop search.
Of course, it’s always possible the story is out there as leverage against another company during negotiations.
Update: It’s equally possible the story originated with Blinkx to put FIM on the spot or to play FIM off against another company, as in, “Yoo-hoo, Yahoo or Google or fill-in-the-blank, we could sell to a new competitor.” At some point, going public is going to backfire on one of the companies hoping to cash in on the News Corp. internet push.
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