Imeem Joins The Social Networking Scene

The social networking space is beginning to resemble a “how many people can fit in a Volkswagon Beetle?” contest. Today’s entrant:
debuted today: open-source Imeem — as in “meme” — is a free hybrid P2P social network with the full suite of tools including discussion areas, integrated IM, privacy, file-and-photo sharing, blogging. The P2P aspect is intriguing, especially coupled with AES advanced encryption, permission-based access and private networks.
Jan Jannink, CTO & President, and Dalton Caldwell, CEO & VP-Engineering, founded the Palo Alto-based company. As for making money, Caldwell told, “We do believe that advertising is a viable business model. And we do think that one of the things that Imeem lets us do is provide really relevant advertising is a really personalized way.” Imeem uses Adsense and Amazon sponsor links.