Cinema-quality Mobiles In 12 Months

“The first cinema-quality film to be shot using a mobile phone will be completed within the next 12 months, technology analysts have predicted.” What exactly is meant by “cinema-quality”? “Rapid developments in memory capacity and picture quality will allow users to produce recordings of the quality featured in the film The Blair Witch Project on their mobiles, film-makers said.” Considering that film was intended to look like an amateur production filmed on cheap equipment it’s not an outlandish prediction, but I don’t think we’ll see film crews being ditched for mobile phones any time in the near future.
Still, Nokia’s new N90 is advertised has being able to record video at VHS quality and has editing facilities…plus there’s a 1GB memory card planned which will hold up to one hour of video. So we could see people ditching their home video camera for the new phone…(via Picturephoning)
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