Broadband Bits, August 15, 2005

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+ Sprint EVDO in Bay Area is partially working, perhaps beating out the good ole Verizon which is likely to power it up in the Bay Area in the third week of September 2005.

+ Mayor Gavin Newsom is going to shed light on San Francisco’s free wifi plans at a press conference tomorrow. You can get the details over at Business 2.0 Blog.

+ Agilent makeover continues. A lot of people think HP is the real HP. Not… its a shame to see Agilent, the old school HP go through so much pain.

+ Spotted Blinkx co-founder Suranga Chandratillake hurrying down California Street looking very spiffy. When asked about the rumors about News Corp buying his little start-up, he said, “No Comment.” Body language said otherwise.

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I’m taking bets on how long it will take SBC to toss anti-muni-wifi bills in the california legislature. My guess is that within a week of the announcement SBC will be on record poo-pooing it and within 6 weeks there will be a bill of some sort trying to take away the cities ability to do this.

Any takers?

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