techADDICTION Show #19 – soft and chewy?


The techADDICTION Show #19 (MP3 – 20.6MB – 59:50 min)


Join us for a delicious, tasty start to our 19th show! Well, you have to hear the intro to understand that. We recap the updates since our customer service episode last week and then jump right into the mobile tech. There’s something for everyone as we discuss Apple’s iPod helping Microsoft get richer, leaking HP PDA’s, computers with soul, PSP enhancements and more! As an added bonus, we play the full version of our intro music, “Konundrums”, courtesy of One-Egg-Ticket! Don’t forget to leave your comments on our Skype line and to add us to iTunes!

00:00 Intro – Crunchy tech on the outside and chewy mobile goodness on the inside!

02:00 Follow up on our Plantronics and Toshiba customer service issues.

10:30 Does Apple owe Microsoft tons of money for a patent on audio playlists?

16:30 Will Google be selling iTunes music?

18:00 Plug your USB or other flash media into your car stereo.

20:00 HP hw6700 Mobile Messenger leaks, er, is leaked in the UK with a mini-SD slot.

26:00 Message from The Podcast Network followed by a full play of “Konundrums” by One-Egg-Ticket! OET Rocks!!!

30:00 IBM announces a new product that has soul. We like! We like!!

36:15 I go, you go, Migo. Carry your computing environment on your iPod or USB drive.

39:45 Sony’s PSP 2.0 upgrade. Where is it? What does it have? Where’s the e-mail and the viruses?

44:45 Freeware for the Pocket PC. Need a shopping list? How about best price searches and coupon codes? Yeah, we’ve got that.

46:30 Need a taxi in the UK? We tell you how to get one quicker using what else: mobile technology.

48:00 What screens does the Opera browser work with? All of them!

50:30 Skype VoiceMails! One from Len in CT (via EVDO in a moving car) and one from James?!?! James uses Bluetooth with Skype Headset.

58:00 Wrap up

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