The Kleiner Perkins Make Over Show

Silicon Valley’s best known venture capital firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, could very well have been a reality show. Over past few months, the comings and goings of their partners, would have made delightful viewing, especially on CNBC, which be feeling a little left out of the reality TV madness. Of course, we all remember a blizzard of press coverage that ensued when former Secretary of State Colin Powell joined the firm. Bill Joy, Randy Komisar, and Dana Mead are some of the notable ones to join the firm. Silicon Beat has been keeping track of who is coming, and who is going. Now the word is that two more general partners – Kevin Compton and Doug Mackenzie – are leaving the nest and setting up their own firm, Radar Partners. Sand Hill Road insiders have been whispering about this.

Mackenzie has been with KP since 1989, while Compton joined the firm in 1990. Given that in the ensuing decade-and-a-half, KPCB was one of the biggest winners in the telecom and dotcom boom, both of them must have profited handsomely. In face they have started making investments as well, though I am told this is not a VC firm. Regardless, they have invested in Yodel, an RSS search firm, based here in San Francisco. KPCB is not the only firm where a lot of realignment is going on – new partners coming, old ones leaving … reminding me of that song from Lion King…. Circle of Life!