Texas, Missouri, Bells Get Their IPTV

The Texas Senate passed the bill which would make it easy for SBC and Verizon to get a single statewide franchise for offering television services. The bill that was passed 144-to-1 has not inspired the Missouri politicians to rethink their attitudes. Interesting part of the Texas bill is that it keeps the franchise deals between cities and cable companies intact (until they expire.) Nice way to outgun your rivals – Texas style.

I have often said, fighting the Bells is futile, and this is yet another proof that the phone companies are simply too powerful. This is a solid left-right hook by the Bells. The bout, is not over. Cablecos should start an aggressive campaign to lure Bells voice customers. Cut broadband prices, boost speeds, and offer unlimited long-distance for $10 a month. But most of all, graft your DNA and become totally customer focused. (Easier said than done!) The big phone companies don’t have a technological response to that in near term, and CableCo have at fight hard. I mean if this is going to be a brawl, time to dust off them brass knucles.

Here is what I find amusing – how come none of the smaller independent phone companies – your know those whose names we don’t know (such as Sure West, Centennial etc) are not going out seeking sweeping legislative reforms to offer their IPTV services. Nope, not looking for a new playing field. Maybe this is something the politicians should consider. (I know putting the interests of those they represent is too much to ask!) Mind you these little ones, are the ones who are now offering triple play packages to their customers.