Daily Journal, August 12, 2005

+ Optical IP routers? Wicked cool
+ Can You See Me Now?: For nearly five years some Verizon Wireless online users could see details of other client accounts. Oops.
+ MuniWireless: A devastating critique of US broadband policy, in this analysis of the FCC July 2005 Broadband Report. I read the report, and well, nothing we did not know.
+ FTTH Council president Len Ray: “Copper wire is incapable of carrying the kind of bandwidth demand we are beginning to see. It is crucial for the United States to replace its aging telecom infrastructure. We cannot fall behind in next generation broadband as we have in current generation broadband.”
+ If Bloggers Had Been Around Throughout History. Mena Trott’s Powerpoint humor.
+ Editor’s Note #1:The Asides/Link Blog is being worked upon, and should be done by end of the day. Consider this the last installment of links I found worthy of sharing in this format. It looks like a rather hectic day so blogging may(or may not) be light.
+ User feedback required: I am seeing a lot of people are ripping off the RSS feed and totally repurposing the content. Many of them are simply doing this to earn AdSense dollars. I wonder if you all are fine with excerpts/shorter RSS items.

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