Reuters TCS: Comcast And Google? And Wireless?

The Reuters TCS summit is happening in NYC, and some good stories coming out of it. This one on Comcast CEO Brian Roberts’ speech there. He talked generally about how cable can defend its competitive advantage. His company has held conversations with Google and others to find ways to collaborat. Although there are no concrete plans on how Google could improve television navigation, Roberts suggested that Internet-like searches of TV programs would likely only be a matter of time.

“We are asking what can we do today with Google’s search,” Roberts said. “We’ve had preliminary chats on how to collaborate to accelerate broadband.”

On Wireless: He said Comcast could look for a wireless partnership that would enable one voicemail for wireless and landline calls and let consumers look at e-mail on their phones. Also, “I don’t think you are going to watch TV on your cellphone but you will watch video on your cellphone,” Roberts said.

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