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MySpace Founder Tries To Ease Suspicious Minds

Among the biggest questionmarks around Fox Interactive’s pending $580 million acquisition of Intermix and its top property MySpace are whether the social network’s aura — and membership pace — can survive being owned by News Corp and how the company will make money from the deal. As Rupert Murdoch noted during yesterday’s earnings call, the pace actually has stepped up since the FIM deal was announced. News Corp. has reiterated what we’ve reported here: the plan is a hands-off policy.
The Village Voice gets into some of the issues being raised around the MySpace community. For instance, MySpace has altered its TOS to clarify some copyright and licensing concerns that cropped up in the wake of the announcement; the site’s non-exclusive license for content posted in the public spaces ends if the content is withdrawn.
Founder Chris DeWolfe: “They will not lose any of their copyrights. We will not charge them [to retain membership]. It has been our mantra from the beginning that we’re not looking to make money off of our bands; we’re looking to provide a service for them.”
What isn’t in the article: that doesn’t mean MySpace and FIM can’t make some money from the traffic generated by the bands and other community activities.