Times, they’re a changin

In the news business, they say, if you spot something twice, its a coincidence. Thrice, however is a trend, and worth chasing for a story. Earlier today I saw posts by John Battelle who was talking about life coming in the way of blogging. Clint Sharp, mentioned that some of us need to slow down. And then Jeff Clavier, emailed me at 4.30 am and reminded me that I should get some sleep and not blog. It was as if blogosphere was conspiring and telling me – hit the brakes dude.

Being a lifelong cynic, and in words of Paul Kedrosky, a cranky contrarian, I needed to crunch the numbers before I made this decision. An analysis of almost five year history of the blog and traffic patterns revealed some amazing findings, that shocked me. Here is what I would like to share –

1. Over last one year, I have been posting 8 posts a day. That’s more than first three-and-a-half years. Which explains why I am about to hit the 5000 post mark.
2. On an average I am doing 1520 words a day. 8 posts at about 200 words a piece.
3. Nearly 80% of my traffic comes from posts which are over 500 words in length.
4. My scoop-ish posts account for nearly 40% of daily traffic.
5. My analysis, reviews and interviews account for about 50% of the traffic.

Clearly, these numbers show I am a bit of a blog addict. (First step is admission!) And I need to do something about it. Why? Many reasons – but the biggest of them all is that I have started working on my new book, and I just cannot write 1500 words a day on the blog, another 1000 words for the book and still do my job at Business 2.0. There are other reasons as well – I want to learn new things – like how to dice an onion perfectly, or how to make a candle. (Okay that’s just a joke!) There are too many great books that are going unread, and life that is being unlead.

Times’ they’re a changin…. Given that most readers seem to prefer my “value added” posts, I am going to refrain from doing short posts. Unless, I have a scoop, a good story, a clever start-up, a yarn or something special, I have decided to refrain from writing. (Thanks Russell for showing me the way.) Numbers prove that! Instead I will start a link blog, which will run on the side, and will be part of the same RSS feed (so you don’t have to deal with another feed).

And perhaps, this way I will actually meet you on the sunny side of the street. I hope you all will still come here often, leave your words of wisdom behind.

Om, August 10, 2005.